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Samantha Stone

Reasonable Reporter

Samantha Stone

Nevada NewsMakers Producer / Reporter

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How to buy a house in an artificially tight market

Published: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 19:18:13 +0000
Here’s how you buy a house during a mini-bubble, while the odds are stacked against you in ways you’d never imagine when you first set out to find four walls and a roof, in a suitable neighborhood, with a few features that might make it a comfy place to call home. When you’ve had enough time-wasting […]

Thomas Mitchell


Thomas Mitchell

Musings on journalism, writing, politics and whatever amuses Thomas Mitchell for the nonce

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BLM carries out the order of one federal judge, while ignoring the order of another

Published: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:26:28 +0000
A number of people have noted that the BLM was just carrying out a federal judge’s order when it bungled its attempt to roundup rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle from federal public land in the Gold Butte area. Federal Judge Lloyd George authorized the BLM to confiscate Bundy’s cattle and the agency dutifully attempted to do […]

Randi Thompson

A View from Center Right

Randi Thompson

Nevada NewsMakers Political Analyst

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Helping Local Governments without Harming Taxpayers

Published: 3/25/2014 9:38:22 PM

By Randi Thompson