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The Whittemore/Peterson Institute

A group of dedicated citizens and clinicians, concerned by the lack of available doctors to serve the growing number of patients with complex chronic illnesses, proposed a medical institute for the millions of patients suffering from the disorders known as CFS, fibromyalgia and other closely related illnesses. 775-682-8250 -

Jeff Hickman - Slices of the Silver State

Nevada Humanities (the publisher): 775-784-6587 Sundance Bookstore: 775-786-1188 or Caricatures by Jeff Hickman (events, private parties): 775-851-1663 or

The Autism Coalition of Nevada

Our mission is to support legislation for screening, diagnosis and treatment clinics, and receive appropriations. We are an advocate organization that will support bills which will provide full scale services for people with ASD and related Neurodevelopmental Disorders and their families. Participants include representatives of the primary agencies and providers serving people with ASD in Nevada, representatives of higher education, and parents of people with ASD, all collaborating together for change and reform thru private enterprise.

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Nevada Legislature Online
Autism Speaks

Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person's lifetime. It is part of a group of disorders known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Today, 1 in 166 individuals is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. Click on this link to learn more about Autism Speaks.

Nevada SHIP 800 307 4444
1-800-MEDICARE 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
Contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE, TTY Users: 1-877-486-2048 for information about Medicare drug plans in your area.
The Davidson Academy of Nevada
Academy serving profoundly gifted students in a public day school on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno.
Gateways to Success Charter School
Ph.(775) 423-6322 - Shari Smith Administrator - E-Mail:
Clay Jenkins' Web Site
Humanities scholar and author, Clay S. Jenkinson, adopts the persona of Jefferson each week to comment on current events and answer questions you may have about Jefferson's thoughts on any and all topics.
KOH - News Talk 780 AM
The Dining Show
Join Sam Shad and Lise Mousel as they discover the Best of Reno!
Parent-Teacher Organization for Gifted Children
To contact the Parent-Teacher Organization for Gifted Children, please contact Barbara Scheible, Coordinator at or (775) 852-5019
Keep Memory Alive
The Lou Ruvo Alzheimer's Institute 8379 West Sunset Road, Suite #200 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 702-263-9797
Downtown Reno Redevelopment
Learn about downtown Reno development from a resident's perspective, with complete information and links for each major project.
Nevada Radiation Exposure Screening and Education
Nevada RESEP website: Project Email Address:
Chuck Muth's Nevada News & Views
Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board
The Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board is an advisory board of prominent Nevada businesspeople and legislators who share a vision of diversified economic growth through capital market participation and will assist in making that vision a reality.
Access to Healthcare Network

Access to Healthcare Network is a comprehensive Network of hospitals and primary, specialty and ancillary health care providers generously offering their services to the uninsured at a reduced fee. The Network provides uninsured Nevada residents access to professional health care at a reduced rate while providing timely compensation for providers enrolled in the Network. For more information please call 877-385-2345.

Cheyenne High School, Las Vegas
The mission of Cheyenne High School is to prepare students academically and socially, enabling them to be well equipped to pursue their goals and become successful members of our diverse and changing technological society.
RANGE Magazine
RANGE magazine is an award-winning publication devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. Known for its powerful photos and straight talk, RANGE exposes a land and lifestyle in crisis and shows how daily challenges are being met with grit, determination and humor. No stranger to controversy, Range is the leading forum for divergent viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource, the American cowboy.
Whitney Elementary School Needs Your Help!
Whitney Elementary School is located in the Southeast Region of the Clark County School District at 5005 Keenan Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89122. About 90 percent of the school’s 575 students are on free and reduced lunch. The surrounding school neighborhood consists largely of RV parks and daily-weekly-monthly hotels where a large percentage of Whitney families live. Many others live in multi-family situations, hoping their financial stability improves. All of these families tend to be extremely transient, with varying needs. With all this in mind, it is the passion of Whitney’s staff to ensure every student feels safe, nourished and educated. Therefore, each Friday school personnel assist 150+ families by supplying them with food for the weekend. In addition, the school provides school supplies, clothing, shoes and toiletries for students who need these items, and snacks for the before-school tutoring program. Whitney Elementary School continues to seek donations in any form as well as volunteers to mentor and/or tutor their students. Sherrie Gahn Principal Whitney Elementary School 5005 Keenan Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89122, 702-799-7790
VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System
The VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System (VASNHCS) proudly serves veterans in 20 counties in northern Nevada and northeastern California. VASNHCS provides a broad array of inpatient care and outpatient services. The Reno campus is the location of the Ioannis A. Lougaris VA Medical Center. Outpatient clinics are located in Auburn, California and Minden and Fallon, Nevada.
Northern Nevada Food Bank
The Food Bank is a food distribution and support system for more than 100 different direct service, non-profit agencies serving the needy, the ill, the elderly and children.
Minority Consumer Affairs
IACFS/ME Research & Clinical Conference
Latest Advances in Virology, Genetics, Pediatrics, Brain Functioning, Epidemiology, Treatment and Assessment. Conference at Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV March 12 - 15
IACFS/ME Reception ~ Key speaker Kitzhaber
International IACFS/ME Research and Clinical Conference featuring keynote speaker John Kitzhaber, M.D. and former Governor of Oregon. March 13 at the Nevada Museum of Art at 5:30pm. For more information go to
Nevada, U.S. Census Bureau
For employment opportunities call 1-866-861-2010.
The Autism Coalition of Nevada (ACON)
National Health Insurer Code of Conduct
A code of conduct the AMA has drafted to address the aggressive cost-cutting tactics used by the managed care industry. Find the code of conduct and more information at
Prescription Drug Round Up - 10/17/09
Prescription Drug Round Up Saturday, October 17 9:00am – 1:00pm Proper disposal of medications protects teens, children, pets and the environment. Acceptable items include unused or expired prescription drugs, over-the-counter pills, prescription liquids, pet medications in their original containers (mark out the patient’s name on the bottle), and residential sharps. Drop off locations: Scolari’s on Disc Drive, Sharlands Ave, So. Virginia Street, and Caughlin Parkway. You can also drop off items at TMWA (Truckee Meadows Water Authority located at 1355 Capital Blvd in Reno.
Access to Healthcare Network
AHN offers affordable health care for you and your family. As an AHN member you will have access to over 400 local primary care and specialty doctors, health care services and dental and vision services, all at greatly reduced rates.
Commercial Mitigation Group
Featured on Nevada NewsMakers Tuesday 3/30/10. This company focuses on helping people that are in need of short sale or foreclosure advice for commercial property investments. 702-891-4900 & 213-309-5415
Nevada Taxpayers Association
To promote the cause of the taxpayer for responsible government at a reasonable price through research, dissemination of information and data to policy makers, taxpayers and others to influence responsible action. - Going after Obamacare
PeopleV.US is an organization set up by Attorneys, Political Consultants, and Marketing professionals. We have seen from the inside the destructive goals of those who lead this country. We are ready to put our jobs on the line, to defend our Country through court proceedings. The Constitution of the United States is our authority, and we will work diligently to remove from office ANYONE regardless of party that attempts any legislation in violation of the Constitution.
Prescription Drug Round Up Info
Proper disposal of medications protects teens, children, pets and the environment. Click on this link to enter your zip code and find prescription disposal locations.
National Take Back Day Presciptions.
Saturday, September 25 from 9:00am - 1:00pm.
Revere America
Revere America is a new organization dedicated to advancing common sense public policies rooted in our traditions of freedom and free markets that will once again make America secure and prosperous for generations to come. The purpose is to promote national awareness of emerging federal law. The mission is to harness and amplify the voices of the American people to give them a greater say in fighting back against the threats to freedom posed by Washington liberals. The drive to collect one million signatures of like-minded Americans who want to repeal and replace the health care reform bill is designed to make the voice of the people heard and inspire our leaders to heed the will of the people.
Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Don't wait any longer, close the gaps in your Medicare policies and take advantage of your benefits. Fill in this form to get a free Medicare supplemental insurance quote today.
Nevada Military Support Alliance
NMSA website: Homes for Our Troops website on Sgt Gray:
Nevada Latinos for Prosperity
Nevada Latinos for Prosperity will work to educate the Latino community about the platform and values of the Republican Party through direct community involvement and outreach.
Nina Cucina ~ Your Healthy Gourmet
Featured on Nevada NewsMakers 10/19/11.
USDA Rural Development - NewsMakers 3/7/12
USDA Rural Development
Nevada Military Support Alliance (NMSA)
The mission of the Nevada Military Support Alliance is to organize and promote the recognition and support of Nevada’s Men and Women of our Armed Forces, Veterans and their Families.
Lomie G. Heard Elementary School
To donate to Lomie G. Heard Elementary School Mail to Principal Kori Deal 42 Baer Drive NAFB Las Vegas NV 89115
Silver State Health Insurance Exchange
To increase the number of insured Nevadans by facilitating the purchase and sale of health insurance that provides quality health care through the creation of a transparent, simplified marketplace of qualified health plans.
National Security Forum

AGREEMENT WITH IRAN IS A TRIUMPH OF AMERICAN DIPLOMACY By Dr. Tyrus W. Cobb, Former Special Assistant to President Reagan and Founder, the National Security Forum