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"I think this is the summer where Americans, collectively, lost their minds. And I’m hoping we regain it sometimes this fall. "
- Marlene Lockard, The Lockard Group who says that the current top six Republican candidates for President all have fatal flaws. Thursday, October 01, 2015.
"I’m not optimistic that we’re going to be able to come together in a sensible way to deal with state issues like we should. "
- Assemblyman Randy Kirner speaking of the divide, as he puts it, between the no new taxes element of the Republican Party and those who would venture across the aisle to solve problems.Wednesday, September 30, 2015.
"They have to move them up from being not ready to being ready. "
- Ray Bacon Executive Director, Nevada Manufacturing Association who says we are not producing the skill levels, post high school, that are going to be needed for the Panasonic’s, Tesla’s and Switch level of companies that are springing up in NevadaTuesday, September 29, 2015.
"Why would you want to break off a system and create a whole new series of administration? We don’t need more administrators in Nevada on the scarce dollars that we already allocate to education."
- NSHE Chancellor Dan Klaich, bolstering his thoughts that the community colleges should remain a part of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Monday, September 28, 2015.
"And if somebody got kicked off it would be a lot less sad than Dancing with the Stars. "
- Attorney Joe Guild discussing the idea of the public voting for who won the Presidential debates via ATT or Verizon. Friday, September 25, 2015.
"They feel they got a knife in their back from their own people. "
- Assemblyman Ira Hansen referring to the Republican Party faithful who feel they were betrayed by their representatives who voted for the Commerce Tax despite the overwhelming opposition, by the voters, to the Teacher's Margins tax.Thursday, September 24, 2015.
"No, it’s not going to happen that easily. "
- Eric Herzik Professor of Political Science UNR who says that State Senator Michael Roberson may have thought that CD 3 was a done deal for him because he was Majority Leader, but will be thinking again as Heather Murren is being touted as the Democratic challenger in the race.Wednesday, September 23, 2015.
"In an overall bottom line thing, gimmie a break. Fix that however you think you need to but don’t in any way shape or form threaten the whole program. "
- Congressman Mark Amodei CD 2 who is concerned that the EB 5 program might be in danger of not being renewed due to concerns from a New York Congressman who wants the job creation more evenly spread out in New York City. EB 5’s helps investors who invest large sums of money and create jobs in America have a quicker path to permanent residence in the US.Monday, September 21, 2015.
"What if it does fail?"
- Ty Cobb, Former Special Assistant to President Reagan for National Security who says the Iran deal is the only deal. He says there is no alternative plan. If it fails we will have lost the coalition. China, Russia and Europe will start trading again with Iran. Iran will be selling its oil on the world market. There will be no provisions in place to halt their nuclear program.Thursday, September 03, 2015.
"I ran into Mari St. Martin who’s his spokeswoman and she put out some news that I was misleading the Nevada people by suggesting, and more likely than not, there will be a special session. "
- Dan Schwartz Nevada State Treasurer who says it is no secret that the Governor is in negotiations with Faraday Future electric car company to potentially locate at the Apex Business park in North Las Vegas. If the negotiations go well and there are incentives required, the Governor would call a special session of the Legislature. The Treasurer hopes that the ESA’s would be included so that the problems with the ESA’s could be resolved.Wednesday, September 02, 2015.
"The biggest concerns that we had is that it takes it off the table for any other economic development. "
- Nye County Commission Chairwoman, Lorinda Wichman who says that she thought the Basin and Range National Monument discussions with Senator Reid’s office a year to 18 months ago, were over and not a problem until the tenth of July 2015 when President Obama proclaimed the National Monument.Tuesday, September 01, 2015.
"Is this where I tell you Bring It On. We are ready! "
- Traci Davis Superintendent of Schools, Washoe County, who says that the District hopes by 2020, to have a 90% graduation rate in spite of the ESA’s. She welcomes the competition.Monday, August 31, 2015.
"I think for me to have a chance to win the race I’ve got to raise at least $300,000 to $400,000. "
- Danny Tarkanian Candidate for CD 3 facing the reality that in a crowded Republican primary, going against Majority Leader Roberson, he’s got his work cut out trying to raise the necessary funding. Thursday, August 27, 2015.
"I don’t see any difference yet. I don’t see any good candidates. I don’t see anything other than a yawner unless you like the Kardashians played out on national politics."
- Mary Lau, President/CEO Retail Association of Nevada who says that there is little difference between the candidates on either side, in the Presidential primary. That they are all playing a shell game. They’ll be whatever their sponsors want them to be.Wednesday, August 26, 2015.
"Sometimes people get attitude confused with honesty and directness. Because a lot of people work so diligently being politically correct. And I work so diligently being politically incorrect. Because I think that people of Nevada and all over our country are tired of it."
- Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore explaining why she is who she is and that she’s proud of it. Tuesday, August 25, 2015.
"There is no such thing as anyone person who knows it all, although there are some that think they do. "
- Dr. Ben Carson perhaps referring to Donald Trump as he explains that there are many talented people outside of government who he would call upon, if elected President.Monday, August 24, 2015.
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