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"They’re (Tesla) about a thousand short of the people they said they would hire. It’s a beautiful day. Faraday has moved dirt. They don’t have any money. It’s a beautiful day. Next, we’re going to have the stadium, which it implodes, this hasn’t happened yet. It will implode and the Raiders will stay in Oakland and the Governor will say it’s a beautiful day."
- Dan Schwartz, Nevada State Treasurer who says he doesn’t understand Governor Sandoval’s optimism in the face of the reality of these projects. Monday, December 05, 2016.
"After that he can easily overturn the executive action."
- Greta Smit Immigration Attorney pointing out that on the day after his inauguration Donald Trump can reverse the immigration actions of Barack Obama including DACA that allows certain undocumented immigrants to the United States who entered the country as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit.Thursday, December 01, 2016.
"This is a cabinet of billionaires. We’ll see how it works. "
- Marlene Lockard, Partner The Lockard Group expressing great concern over President Elect Trump’s initial cabinet appointments. Wednesday, November 30, 2016.
"There seems to be a perception within the City of Reno that all growth, business or housing must be in the City not the County. "
- Washoe County Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler says that she’s concerned that Reno is annexing areas of the County without having the ability to provide fire or sewer services because they don’t have the money for it.Tuesday, November 29, 2016.
"That’s quite a big difference there. "
- Jeff Hardcastle, NV State Demographer regarding the difference between what was expected versus what is actually occurring with the hiring at Tesla. Initial projections were for 25,000 jobs annually. Currently it’s more like 250 to 400 actual jobs. This accounts for both internal hiring and construction.Monday, November 28, 2016.
""Are they using the National Guard? Are they using local police enforcement? Are they saying as people are picked up and apprehended, they are automatically deported and they don't stay here? There are a lot of pieces we don't know.”"
- Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson on what a Trump deportation plan might look like. Thursday, November 17, 2016.
"I think the interpersonal skills and the ability to work with the rest of the council members. "
- Naoma Jardon, Vice Mayor of Reno, explaining why she supported Victor Salcido versus sitting councilwomen Jenny Brekhus. Ms. Jardon said the delivery (of Brekhus ideas) was often tough to work with.Wednesday, November 16, 2016.
"Your draining the swamp but I guess this alligator gets to stay behind. "
- Eric Herzik Political Science Professor, UNR referring to Reince Priebus and his appointment as Donald Trump’s chief of staff. Tuesday, November 15, 2016.
"Is he going to bring in people like Rudy Giuliani who seemed halfway insane. "
- Chris Whicker spokesman Washoe Dems who wonders whether Trump will bring into his administration Breitbart News or former George W. Bush staffers, who he says understand how government runs.Monday, November 14, 2016.
"Lost the Assembly. Lost the Senate. Lost Question one. Lost Question two. "
- Mary Lau President Retail Association of Nevada says that election night was highlighted by dramatic losses for (Governor) Brian SandovalThursday, November 10, 2016.
"I think Joe Heck has really stumbled in the fourth quarter of this campaign. "
- Ray Hagar reporter being prescient on election day. Wednesday, November 09, 2016.
"It’s rather like education, the teachers do the work, nobody else does, and the teachers get no credit for it all. "
- Howard Rosenberg University of Nevada, Reno comparing high paid movie stars who get paid what they are worth, to teachers who aren’t.Tuesday, November 08, 2016.
"There’s no reason to imagine that the Carano’s wouldn’t try to leverage that as well. "
- Sean McGuinness Lewis and Roca referring to how the Harrah’s organization set up properties in all the new gaming jurisdictions and flipped the new customers to Reno and Las Vegas. Now Eldorado Resorts has a 4000 room property in Reno and is purchasing the Isle of Capri properties from Ohio to Colorado.Monday, November 07, 2016.
"In the state of Illinois, they saved 41 billion dollars"
- Lucas Foletta, McDonald Carano, representing “Yes on the Energy Choice Initiative” If you look at the states that have done it well the price goes down. Thursday, November 03, 2016.
"This past year in the first quarter there were about 1700. "
- Dave Newman Remax Realty Affiliates says that in Las Vegas in 2009, in the first quarter, 18,000 foreclosure notices were sent out. He says things have dramatically improved since then.Wednesday, November 02, 2016.
"There’s not a could about it. We’re just trying to bet on when it’s going to happen. "
- Attorney Geoffrey Giles feels that the causes of the economic meltdown still exist and he thinks another meltdown could occur as soon as two years from now. Housing prices that weren’t expected to rise to pre-recession levels until 2025 are close now.Tuesday, November 01, 2016.
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