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Displaying: 17 to 32 of 1624 "It’s about creating an environment of public safety. One that will protect Nevadans from felons, from convicted domestic violence abusers and also from people who are mentally incompetent of understanding the responsibility of gun ownership. That’s all this does."
- State Senator Pat Spearman who is promoting a new version of a gun control bill that was passed by the Legislature last session but was ultimately vetoed by Governor Sandoval.Thursday, July 10, 2014.
"Are they happy that perhaps their parks aren’t being maintained? That Senior programs are being terminated or reduced? That the response time by the local law enforcement agencies has been increased? So that’s really the question."
- Jeff Fontaine Exec Director Nevada Association of Counties, discussing whether Cities and Counties should learn to live with a reduced tax base and not seek new or higher tax revenues.Wednesday, July 09, 2014.
"I think she was not proper in doing that. If the Governor asked her to do that she should have. Nevada should have joined that law suit. "
- Adam Laxalt candidate for Secretary of State stating that the present Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto should have joined the fight against Obamacare as requested by Governors Gibbons and Sandoval.Tuesday, July 08, 2014.
"The housing market grows from the bottom up. "
- Homebuilder Perry Diloreto who says that a lot of the fundamentals are missing from this housing market including the ability of first time homebuyers to get financing. That is why his company’s planning process is around 6 months not two years.Monday, July 07, 2014.
"Now I have “You are invited to bring everything electronic“ If you can carry your computer bring it. "
- Howard Rosenberg Art Professor UNR who in the past banned cell phones from his classes. Now he says this is part of the way students learn.Thursday, July 03, 2014.
"I don’t necessarily know that it’s a plausible idea right now. "
- Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor talking about trying to get the Winter Olympics to Lake Tahoe in the 2026, but she is supportive of continuing the effort to promote Northern Nevada as regards tourism. Wednesday, July 02, 2014.
"This has profound implications, along with other decisions that have come down here at the end of this term that continue to respect a corporate identity that has first amendment rights. "
- Fred Lokken Professor of Political Science TMCC who says he was very surprised by the US Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case. Tuesday, July 01, 2014.
"No. Never. "
- Jesse Gutierrez, The Mariposa Academy Charter School, asked if Anglo politicians are doing enough to affect the Hispanic vote in Nevada. He says that lack of immigration reform is hurting Republicans as he says it’s one of the main Democratic Party themes.Monday, June 30, 2014.
"You kind of get this adrenaline going. You’ve been working with this family so it’s almost how you would feel if it was your own child. "
- Kathleen Sandoval, Nevada’s First Lady who works full time for the Children’s Cabinet in Reno. She has personally been involved in situations helping young adults and their families who have been victims of drive by shootings despite, at times, personal risk to herself.Thursday, June 26, 2014.
"I am just so disappointed and shocked at Egypt. What are they thinking? "
- Jill Derby, Cultural Anthropologist, commenting on the sentencing of three respected journalists in Egypt to up to 10 years in jail and the refusal of President Sisi to get involved. Wednesday, June 25, 2014.
"Absolutely I think there is. "
- Marsha Berkbigler, Washoe County Commissioner responding to the question of whether there is a schism between old Reno and new Reno that is being played out in the mayoral election. Tuesday, June 24, 2014.
"I watched some very big names walk out of that room disappointed. "
- Derek Peterson, CEO Terra Tech Corp who won two licenses for medical marijuana in Clark County who felt the political process was fair and that some very well connected powerful people who had a lot of money behind them, didn’t get licenses. Monday, June 23, 2014.
"It had a very positive effect, for the local economy, around this downtown neighborhood. "
- Ray Hagar, Reno Gazette Journal on how a marijuana dispensary in Oakland, Ca created a better economic outcome for an area that had originally been strewn with needles and syringes. The dispensary cleaned up the area and created jobs that reverberated through the local economy. Thursday, June 05, 2014.
"It’s neck and neck but I have a really good feeling that I can pull this out. "
- Sue Lowden(R) candidate for Lt. Governor feeling optimistic, due to recent polling by her campaign. Wednesday, June 04, 2014.
"You can vote against the layoffs but go find me 4 million dollars to keep ‘em. "
- Reno City Councilman Dwight Dortch who is in a fight with Councilwoman Hillary Schieve, who is running for Mayor, over layoffs of Reno fireman due to a Federal grant going away. Tuesday, June 03, 2014.
"You get the sense that they’re kinda overwhelmed. "
- Chris Wicker, spokesman, Washoe Dems who says the service the VA gives is good but the number of Veterans needing help is escalating dramatically. Monday, June 02, 2014.
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