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Displaying: 17 to 32 of 1667 "This was a vote against the Obama policies and the Democratic policies. This is not a vote for the Republicans. "
- Tom Cargill Professor of Economics, UNR who says the Republicans have been handed a tremendous opportunity but they’ve been known to “mess up” when given an opportunity and they need to put forward some sensible legislation to deal with serious issues.Thursday, November 13, 2014.
"I don’t think we’ll see massive overhaul or even elimination of the Affordable Care Act. "
- Scott Kipper, NV State Insurance Commissioner thinks that there may be some cleaning up done with Obamacare regarding things like the tax on medical devices. Wednesday, November 12, 2014.
"Both Heath Morrison and Pedro (Martinez) are graduates of the Broad Academy, which is this organization to get schools run like businesses and public relations is a very big part of business. "
- Dennis Myers, News Editor, Reno News and Review describing how both previous School Superintendents in Washoe County were publicity hounds on their own behalf. Tuesday, November 11, 2014.
"I’m seeing increases of up to 300%. "
- Greg Jacobs, Hendricks and Associates, who specializes in health insurance, says some individual policy holders are getting financially slaughtered right now as people are getting new policies that are ACA compliant. Monday, November 10, 2014.
"I heard that that’s the first time that we’ve had a Republican governor, we’ll have majorities in the Assembly and the Senate, since 1929. I’m hoping that’s not a harbinger. "
- Eric Herzik Political Science Professor, UNR who started thinking that perhaps the Republicans could gain 3 maybe 5 seats in the Assembly. Not the ten they ended up with. Thursday, November 06, 2014.
"A little bit of arrogance was there too. Thinking we’ve got it, the machine’s there. "
- Mary Lau, Retail Association of Nevada referring to Harry Reid making sure that the Democrats had the money they needed for GOTV but in reality the Democrats did not show up for the election. Wednesday, November 05, 2014.
"It’s the oldest marketing tool in the book, word of mouth. "
- Billy Vassiliadis CEO, R & R Partners, talking about how the Las Vegas Convention Authority is attracting Millennials to Las Vegas, by creating on line communities, where Millennials are talking to and influencing each other, rather than being talked to, by marketers.Tuesday, November 04, 2014.
"This is an unprecedented cycle and it’s not just that the Republicans are over performing, they are. It’s that the Democrats are so significantly underperforming. "
- Pete Ernaut President Government and Public Affairs, R & R Partners who says that no one could have predicted Steven Horsford’ s losing battle against Crescent Hardy. Monday, November 03, 2014.
"Boomers are about 77 million. These folks represent about 79 to 80 million so by sheer numbers it’s a big group. "
- Claudia Vecchio, NV Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, who explains why Millennials are a big target of the tourism industry these days. Thursday, October 16, 2014.
"20 cents sounds like a lot but it would cost the average driver two dollars a week. "
- Paul Enos, Nevada Trucking Association, who says that the federal gas tax could be raised for the first time in years and most drivers wouldn’t even notice it. That money put into infrastructure would be huge.Wednesday, October 15, 2014.
"Like Mike Huckabee said “Don’t listen to what the Supreme Court has to say about this. Let’s let Congress handle it”. "
- Sean Cary, Political Commentator, who says that marriage equality, is going to happen in the state of Nevada and that it’s not going to be stopped. And that people should stop hiding behind an archaic judicial system.Tuesday, October 14, 2014.
"I thought it was a little over the line for the Gazette when they printed their editorial, they had a right to have that editorial about the trustees resigning but it was on top of the fold, front page at the very top, almost like a story. I think they almost crossed over from opining on the news to making it their opinion as part of the news."
- Tray Abney, The Chamber voicing a concern about the Reno Gazette Journal’s ongoing war with most of the board of trustees of the Washoe County School Board. Thursday, October 02, 2014.
"It’s also the after-hours. We offer this service 24/7 365 so it’s very accessible at all hours. "
- Dr. Eugene Somphone, Medical Director, Southwest Medical who says telemedicine is now available to anyone who has a smartphone or any other internet connected device. It's not just for rural Nevada, but for city dwellers too. Wednesday, October 01, 2014.
"I am a person who believes that local government ought to solve local problems and issues. "
- State Senator Mark Hutchison rebutting Assemblywoman Lucy Flores attack that he didn’t support a bill in the Legislature that would have given funding to the Washoe County School District. Instead, it left the decision to the Washoe County Commission that chose not to act.Tuesday, September 30, 2014.
"I am really positive that it’s going to happen right after November 12th. I have all the confidence in the world that Senators’ Reid and Heller are going to push this through. "
- Mayor George Dini discussing the Yerington Land Transfer bill, that has passed the House and is now pending in the US Senate. Mayor Dini says he’s quite happy with where things are right now. Monday, September 29, 2014.
"I was the only one who wasn’t signed to a non-disclosure agreement. "
- Ray Bacon, NV Manufacturers Association on how he ended up being quoted around the world regarding the Tesla deal in Nevada. Thursday, September 25, 2014.
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