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"The vote was 12 to zero."
- Rich Trachok, Chairman of the Board of Regents putting to rest, for now, the idea that there are Northern Nevada Regents who don’t support the major acquisition of land for UNLV. This could potentially house a stadium as well as much other redevelopment.Thursday, January 07, 2016.
"Two weeks ago I was a guy with about 35 employees. In a week I’m going to be a guy with about three employees. "
- Reid Hamilton, Hamilton Solar, who says in the short term residential solar for the most part, is dead. Wednesday, January 06, 2016.
"They worry about Iran attacking Saudi Arabia. "
- John Scire, Political Science Professor UNR, who says the Saudi’s were against President Obama’s support of the Arab Spring and were also against the Iran Nuclear Accord. The Saudi execution of the cleric is just one part of this morass.Tuesday, January 05, 2016.
"I have another one going that will probably eclipse both of those, at finish. "
- Lance Gilman, Partner Broker, Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, believes a deal he is working on now will be larger than Tesla and Switch combined. Those two companies bought a total of 4000 acres and are building millions of square feet on their sites.Monday, January 04, 2016.
"It sounds, from the minimal amount of information I’ve been provided with, it sounds like a great deal."
- State Senator Patricia Farley on the eve of the special session says looking at promoting Apex is good public policy. Thursday, December 17, 2015.
"The threat of an EMP could have more impact for an enemy than actually firing it. "
- Ira Victor, Data Clone Labs who says that an ElectroMagnetic Pulse fired over the western United States would wipe out all electronic devices in the region. It would take months to recover. It would take out your phone to the water supply. Mr. Victor says the threat might be enough to make the government cut a deal. Wednesday, December 16, 2015.
"If he calls the session, he sets the table."
- Sean Whaley, Political Reporter LVRJ who says, after speaking with the Governor, that the only topic he will allow for the special session is Faraday Future, despite calls from lawmakers to add other items. Tuesday, December 15, 2015.
"There’s no greater voting block. "
- Candace DeMatteis, Policy Director for the Partnership to fight Chronic Disease, who says that one out of every two voters in the United State lives with a Chronic Disease daily. Monday, December 14, 2015.
"They run the risk, they being Gaming, of insulting the voters one too many times."
- Mary Lau, President Retail Association Nevada who says that 6 million dollars was spent for the public to see the truth of a gross receipts tax and now Gaming will spend another 6 million dollars to convince the public that this new iteration (the Commerce tax) is a good thing.Thursday, December 10, 2015.
"We would have never gone to that scene."
- Don Cavallo Washoe County Public Administrator, explaining that unlike the case involving the former Lyon County Public Administrator, if a family member was accessible the Washoe County office would have reached out to the family member.Wednesday, December 09, 2015.
"The last time I checked California has a universal background check, California has an assault weapons ban, California has a high capacity magazine ban."
- James Smack former Republican National Committeeman who asks the left “How did those help the victims of San Bernardino?” Tuesday, December 08, 2015.
"To me that is not an overreach, that is not a violation of the second amendment, it’s a very reasonable approach. "
- Josh Gross Publisher, Beverly Hills Weekly agreeing with President Obama that if you are on a terrorist watch list you don’t have any business buying a gun.Monday, December 07, 2015.
"My personal opinion is it’s incredibly disruptive."
- 12/03/15 My personal opinion is it’s incredibly disruptive. Steve Canavero, Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction who says that the 100 day requirement for students who want to be eligible for the ESA’s that puts them into the school district and then pulls them out to return to their private schools. The superintendent says it’s not necessarily the choice he would make for his own children.Thursday, December 03, 2015.
"People were waiting upwards of three hours to get a cab in the neighborhoods (of Las Vegas)."
- Andrew MacKay NFADA, relating some of the testimony at the Legislature, that turned the tide in favor of Lyft and Uber. Tuesday, December 01, 2015.
"When the Public Administrator Richard Glover was notified (that there were family) he still came to the residence, searched through the house, ransacked the house and removed all the valuable property and guns that he found in the house."
- Justin Bustos, of Counsel Dickenson Wright, who was part of the legal team that won a massive 2.1 million dollar civil case against the Public Administrator of Lyon County, at the time. This took nine years and still wasn’t prosecuted criminally.Monday, November 30, 2015.
"Russia, Iran and Anonymous"
- Ty Cobb Former Special Assistants to President Reagan for National Security who says the US must put together an alliance with groups they are not comfortable with, to go after ISIS. Including Anonymous which is an outlaw hacker group that has vowed to use their hacker and social media skills to bring ISIS down.Thursday, November 19, 2015.
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