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Displaying: 17 to 32 of 1687 "It’s going to be 7, 8, 10 years before we see a huge upswing in capacity in a number of areas."
- Thomas Schwenk, Dean UNR School Medicine referring to how long it will take to get medical residents trained and in place in Nevada. He said the sad part is we should have been expanding residencies ten years ago. Thursday, January 08, 2015.
"In a state like Nevada where we only meet for five months every two years and the rest of the time, virtually, is spent campaigning, I think we need a little bit of a time out when we get to Carson City. "
- Assemblyman Pat Hickey saying the difference between campaigning and governing is disappearing in Nevada. Wednesday, January 07, 2015.
"If 2% or 3% of those folks overstay their visa that number could greatly eclipse the numbers that are reportedly coming across our southern border of the United States. "
- Rick Eaton former Director of NV Homeland Security who says that we admit, through our ports of entry, a number equal to the population of the United States and that over stays are of much greater concern than the number of people who illegally cross the southern border.Tuesday, January 06, 2015.
"If that doesn’t settle out somewhat, every day is just going to be, what’s going to happen today at the Legislature. "
- Marlene Lockard, The Lockard Group referring to the disastrous Assembly Republican Caucus behavior since election day. Monday, January 05, 2015.
"Oh heck no!!! "
- Randi Thompson Political Analyst, in answer to the question as to whether the President will work with Republicans in his remaining two years, to get some things done. She says Congress is as dysfunctional as our own Nevada Legislature. Thursday, December 18, 2014.
"Having people insured is a good thing. Having them be able to adequately access the appropriate level of care is something that’s entirely different. "
- State Senator Ben Kieckhefer who says we need to continue getting more doctors into Nevada as well as expanding residency programs in both Las Vegas and Reno. Wednesday, December 17, 2014.
"We already have a fully licensed dispensary system that is tightly regulated. It’s called pharmacies. "
- Andrew Barbano-Editor NevadaLabor.com who asks the question “Why do we need medical marijuana dispensaries when you’ve got drug stores”. Tuesday, December 16, 2014.
"6.3 Billion For the 16/17 Biennium is excluding sunsets. "
- Mike Willden Chief of Staff to Governor Sandoval, who points out that legally the Economic Forum are not allowed to forecast taxes that are not lawfully allowed to go forward. Monday, December 15, 2014.
"A crime of the nature of sexual assault is just a crime, it’s not a counseling issue, it’s a crime. "
- Marc Johnson, President UNR, discussing his view of the recent incident at the University of Virginia. Thursday, December 11, 2014.
"I don’t necessarily think you can do a billion dollar tax increase because of the economic impact to the businesses that were finally convinced to expand in the State of Nevada and to move to the State of Nevada. "
- State Senator James Settlemeyer District 17, discussing rumors of a potential increase in taxes, due to a looming budget shortfall, over the next biennium. Wednesday, December 10, 2014.
"I think the problem is that non-technical managers think that data security is for the computer guys and it’s not, its two separate disciplines. "
- Ira Victor, Digital Forensic Analyst, Data Clone Labs, who says that data security forensics, are different disciplines than the IT guy that maintains the systems from an operational standpoint. Tuesday, December 09, 2014.
"It looks like Sandoval is doing a very effective job, as the party leader of Nevada, in structuring this Legislative session to come. "
- Fred Lokken, Professor of Political Science at TMCC, commenting on how the Speaker of the Assembly, John Hambrick, is pledging his support to the Governors’ agenda, despite being quite conservative himself. Monday, December 08, 2014.
"We’re seeing a whole lot of interest in Carson City as a result of that. "
- Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell, discussing how the Tesla Gigafactory is having a regional impact, as far as companies wanting to move to Northern Nevada. His hope is for smaller tech manufacturing firms to relocate to the state capital. Thursday, December 04, 2014.
"There was not one, I say underline, one negative ad anywhere, in print or on the television. "
- Jill Derby, Former NV Democratic State Party chair who just returned from Canada during their 5 week election cycle. Wednesday, December 03, 2014.
"You’ve got a Republican Governor who’s stated that he is ready to do tax reform to move the state forward and fund the things that we need to fund. "
- Tray Abney- The Chamber who says the Governor along with the State Senate leadership and some of the Republican leadership in the Assembly are ready to move on tax reform. Some surmise that even though some taxes may go down (sales) the likelihood is that overall revenue to the state will go up.Tuesday, December 02, 2014.
"The Democrats were asleep. "
- Robert Uithoven J3 Strategies who managed Adam Laxalt’s winning campaign for attorney general who says it wasn’t a ”red wave” that got Republicans in Nevada elected. Monday, December 01, 2014.
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