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"Russia, Iran and Anonymous"
- Ty Cobb Former Special Assistants to President Reagan for National Security who says the US must put together an alliance with groups they are not comfortable with, to go after ISIS. Including Anonymous which is an outlaw hacker group that has vowed to use their hacker and social media skills to bring ISIS down.Thursday, November 19, 2015.
"I don’t think they see the battle as a losing battle."
- Michael Hillerby, Kaempfer Crowell who says the taxi industry in Clark County continue to fight at every turn against Lyft and Uber. Wednesday, November 18, 2015.
"If you’re in a rural area its $500,000 per every 10 jobs that are created. If you’re in metro area like Los Angeles it would be a $1,000,000 for every 10 jobs created. "
- Lynn Beteag, Nevada State EB 5 Regional Center, who says that by using the EB 5 program you don’t need a sponsor to become a US citizen. The process takes about 5 years. Tuesday, November 17, 2015.
"I think in this political year anything could happen. "
- Marlene Lockard, The Lockard Group, answering the question of whether Hillary is a foregone conclusion for the Democrats. Monday, November 16, 2015.
"We’ve essentially lost a generation of work force. "
- Aaron West CEO Nevada Builders, who says that pushing students towards four year degrees has meant that the building trades have been left on the sidelines regarding new workers. Thursday, November 12, 2015.
"California and Nevada are the head of the world business in internet. "
- Luiz Paulo Vellozo Lucas, CEO Bandas whose Brazilian bank has financing and private equity for internet startups in Brazil. He was part of a recent trade mission to Las Vegas, Reno and San Diego.Wednesday, November 11, 2015.
"Why I want to take on Crescent Hardy is he voted against this budget deal. "
- Susie Lee Democratic Candidate for CD 4 says that the passage of the budget in Congress was the exception and not the rule. Tuesday, November 10, 2015.
"The retail operations, the restaurant operations which are retail, at some future point could possibly become their primary revenue source on a NAICS code. "
- Carole Vilardo, President Nevada Taxpayers Association, says it’s highly possible that the Gaming Industry that pushed hard for the Commerce Tax may be hit harder than they anticipated because of the way their business has changed over the recent past few years.Monday, November 09, 2015.
"State Senator Debbie Smith told me that the Democrats have a very very good candidate, she called him or she a superstar."
- Ray Hagar, Reno Gazette Journal describing an unnamed candidate to replace Mark Lipparelli. Victoria Seaman is the announced Republican in the race. If the Democrat win the seat, it will flip the State Senate to the D’s.Thursday, October 15, 2015.
"We’re looking at about a million dollars, just for the Primary. "
- State Senator Ruben Kihuen pointing out how expensive the race for CD 4 will be. Wednesday, October 14, 2015.
"Reverting the Supreme Court from (7 to 5 justices) was repealed. "
- Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court James Hardesty explaining that during the last Legislative session, the provision that upon getting a Court of Appeals the Supreme Court would revert to 5 justices was repealed and the budget of the Court would remain as it has been for the past 20 years.Tuesday, October 13, 2015.
"That’s, of course, our partnership that we’re going to turn over. "
- Dr. Thomas Schwenk, Dean, School of Medicine UNR describing how University Medical Center will become the primary partner of UNLV, as the University heads towards it own accreditation.Monday, October 12, 2015.
"This is what Trump and Carson are doing to us. They are driving us nuts by not demonstrating any knowledge of how it (government) works. "
- Fred Lokken TMCC who says the candidates are detached from reality when they suggest things like a 3% budget cut across all areas of the Federal Government.Thursday, October 08, 2015.
"Maybe it’s a rite of passage if you become the CEO of Caesars that you have an incident like that."
- Sean McGuinness, Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber, responding to Mark Frissora’s comment that he was shocked by the gaming industry’s lack of innovation to attract millennials. Former CEO of Caesars Entertainment, Gary Loveman created sparks when he complained about the regulatory scrutiny of the gaming industry, soon after he became the CEO.Wednesday, October 07, 2015.
"Good job Harry. You’ve lined up a good candidate. Here we go and Roberson’s on his heels."
- Eric Herzik UNR who says two weeks ago the Democrats had an amazing candidate, on paper, in Heather Murren for CD 3. Now they are back to square one.Tuesday, October 06, 2015.
"We’re looking for more land right now. Anybody out there got any land? "
- Lance Gilman, Partner Tahoe Reno Industrial Center who says that despite TRIC occupying 2/3rds of Storey County, they are currently seeking more developable land adjacent to the business park.Monday, October 05, 2015.
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