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"If they can turn the (Sparks) Nugget into the M, I would be very happy. Because I love that property. "
- Political Analyst Randi Thompson discussing the change in ownership that puts Marnell Gaming in charge of the former JA Nugget. Thursday, February 11, 2016.
"Ridicule is very hard to shake. "
- Marlene Lockard referring to the aftermath of the Chris Christie attacks on Marco Rubio. Wednesday, February 10, 2016.
"Those 30 year needs are going to be compressed into a 10, 15, 20 year time period. "
- Lee Gibson, RTC Executive Director on what needs to be financed and happen with the 50 to 60 thousand new residents moving to the Reno Sparks area, in terms of roads.Tuesday, February 09, 2016.
"Anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 jobs over the next 5 to 6 years "
- Len Stevens The Chamber describing the job growth that’s coming to Northern Nevada and how UNR is going to be the hub of this new economy. Monday, February 08, 2016.
"In the immortal words of Rickey Bobby “If you’re not first, you’re last”. "
- Republican Consultant Greg Ferraro making the point that Donald Trump came in second in Iowa despite the ways Trump is trying to spin it. Thursday, February 04, 2016.
"Everywhere I go, including public restrooms, there’s a Bernie sticker. "
- Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson District 27 who while being a Hillary Clinton supporter, acknowledges how well Senator Sanders is doing in Nevada. Wednesday, February 03, 2016.
"It was the wrong time, wrong place, wrong everything. "
- CJ Hadley Editor/Publisher Range Magazine reflecting on the Ammon Bundy led takeover of the Oregon wildlife refuge. She says Bundy saw a similar situation with the Federal Government that had occurred with his father and wanted to make a statement. But she says it just doesn’t work.Tuesday, February 02, 2016.
"President Rick Santorum, President Huckabee before that. They haven’t been a very good bellwether for how the race unfolds. "
- Eric Herzik Political Science Professor UNR casting aspersions on the viability of Iowa to pick a future president on the Republican side. Monday, February 01, 2016.
"They’re either aircraft or automotive"
- Ray Bacon NV Manufacturers Association suggesting that possibly the next big deal at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center would be a large single facility operation covering 4000 acres. Thursday, January 28, 2016.
"The solar groups certainly don’t care for the members of the commission (PUC). They think they’re in the pockets of NV Energy and they’re not doing their industry any favors. "
- Sean Whaley Las Vegas Review Journal says that the PUC is getting a lot of grief for trying to do the right thing regarding net metering. Wednesday, January 27, 2016.
"It’s a matter of actually getting those people to the polls though. "
- Seth Richardson, Political Reporter Reno Gazette Journal who says that a lot of Trump supporters are not traditional voters and Iowa will be a good indication if these supporters will actually come out and Caucus for him.Tuesday, January 26, 2016.
"We could walk through a list of Donald Trump quotes and could cross them off one by one but we’re not going to be paying attention to any of that. "
- Emmy Ruiz, State Director, Hillary for Nevada responding to the Trump quote that Bill Clinton is one of the greatest women abusers of all time. Monday, January 25, 2016.
"If you look at home grown terrorism, the chance of that is significantly higher. "
- Carina Black, Exec Director Northern Nevada International Center who says the vetting process for refugees is much tougher than our Presidential candidates would have you believe.Thursday, January 21, 2016.
"Well he’s really nice to look at. "
- Cecilia Colling, Chair, Washoe Dems explaining one of the reasons she’s pleased that Martin O’Malley is still running for President despite polling at 1%.Wednesday, January 20, 2016.
"He’s running against the status quo, which would be Mark Amodei. "
- Jill Derby, Former Democratic State Party Chair, speaking in support of Chip Evans, who is running against Congressman Amodei in CD 2. Ms. Derby raised 1.8 million dollars in her first run for that seat and still lost.Tuesday, January 19, 2016.
"We’ve actually developed personal friendships with a lot of these people because they do stay with us so frequently. "
- Nicki Gross, Managing Director, Whitney Peak Hotel who says that her boutique hotel by the Reno Arch hosts executives from Tesla, Panasonic and Microsoft as Reno grows into a new era.Monday, January 18, 2016.
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